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Whatever the bioremediation challenge, Citadel Environmental Solutions Ltd. has the natural solution for it.

In-situ solutions have been achieved for the reduction of PAH’s in coke oven effluent lagoons, and COD compliance for food processing lagoons. Citadel Biocat+ brings simplicity to the bioremediation of complex hydrocarbons.

Weathered Oil

In the case of weathered surface spills which have hardened to a crust the material will be rotovated to reduce the particle size, this will enable easier biodegradation and increase surface area for metabolic activity and further by dosing with anionic surfactant to create an emulsion.

By creating an emulsion we provide a pathway for the bacteria to have faster contact with the hydrocarbon to speed up the remediation process.

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Deep Impacted Spills

In the case of deep impacted soil CES would first treat the most impacted area as described above down to a rotovation depth of 250mm then inoculate CES active catalyst through pre augured and lined tubes 50-100mm in diameter, capped and slotted to disperse the catalyst through the soil substrate.

The spacing and depth of the inoculation tubes will depend on the soil porosity and the level of impact.

The inoculation treatment would be continued until a satisfactory level of hydrocarbon is established.


Naturesorb has the characteristics of being hydrophobic which allows the Naturesorb to move up and down with tidal changes, and at the same time captures free oil.

Naturesorb will not sink or leach and fully absorbs the pollutant; it is non-toxic and harmless to fish and marine life.

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