Oil, Gas and Power Refineries

Integrated security systems for oil and gas installations

If security in depth is required, a combination of Physical, Electronic and C.C.T.V. Systems has to be integrated and then structured into the working practices of a plant or industrial complex. If the chosen system is found to be too expensive to implement in one financial year, it is possible to develop a strategy to install the system over a number of years so that quality is not sacrificed.

Remember that systems not only have to be installed, they also have to be maintained with guards and operatives trained to the highest standards in the function and use of all equipment. In the case of Theft, Civil Disorder and Terrorism, attacks are usually perpetrated by more than one person. The creation of a formidable barrier determines that teamwork is required by the attackers to breach the outer defence.

If no physical barrier or fence exists to prevent the attack, the attack may come from several  directions at once creating confusion and reducing the ability of the guards to control events.

The scope of work is comprehensive and includes initial consultation with the client, design concepts, material specifications, manufacture and the installation of systems. All products used are assessed for their cost effectiveness and are the best available relative to known performance. On site training of the clients operatives in the function of the systems, ensures maximum performance of the equipment installed.

Security systems for gas, oil and power plants


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